Outsourcing til Kina

Predell Developments main competance lies in in outsourcing to China with particular focus on machining, welding and assembling products.

Development and Support Center in Denmark
Predell Development has a dynamic design and support center in Denmark, with a competent team of experienced Mechanical Engineers and technicians.

Danish Machine factory in Suzhou, China
Predell development started a machine factory in 2004 of 10.000 square meters in Suzhou, China. The factory is on par with Danish standards and can amongst other things do turning, milling fitting and welding.

Invaluable service
Predell Development strives to give customers a valuable and effective service in outsourcing to China.

No Start Up Costs
Customers can have access to a well established network of suppliers and machine factory in China without the start up costs.

Competitive with small orders
Predell Development is focused on reducing prices without reducing the quality. Existing customers have found that Predell Development can be competitive even with small orders and short delivery times.